Dancing in the Decades

Focusing on the Famous, Fabulous 40s!!!

Have you ever wanted to eat PB&Js in the 20s, dig a victory garden in the 40s, and do the Twist in the 80s all at the same time? 
Well, this past semester, I got to do all of that right in Greenlawn. 

With the significance of past events framing our design for Social Studies lessons, it has become all too apparent that students are struggling to find an interest in the subject. It's a sad fact indeed. However, a simple  activity in which the students get to choose a time period, research what they find interesting about that time, and then get to create a board and activities is an exciting way of making history fun. When we got to present our work to our fellow classmates, my group decided that no matter what, we were going to do our best and have a good time. Instilling in our students this same reasoning, I look forward to the day I get to share this activity with them :)

<-The 70s

The 80s->

<-The 20s

The 50s->

A great blog for teachers to use when discussing History:


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