Events of 2011

    Block One Memories

 Last semester was a whirlwind of lesson plans and ERC hours. Though this semester is looking like it's not going to fall far from the tree dubbed, "Barb's Block," I cannot help but look back on the wonderful events of 2011.

     Group activities abounding, I got to know some the best people and experienced some great activities. At one point in the semester, a wonderful professor of ours decided that we would be making self-portraits and spend a day building a community through art, games, and even voting on PB&Js. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I can get into a little trouble with trying to make the drawing done in class a little too "clean." However, that does not stop me from trying. :) All of the class put their skills to work in creating their best rendition of a self-portrait. The hardest part being the figuring out which colors best suited our own skin color. From there, most of the class started the slow approach of sketching and outlining faces, trying to incorporate all the different elements of a self-portrait.

The Finished Project:

     During our Civics Day, the hit of the event seemed to be the game Apples to Apples. An ingenious game that pins people against each other in the hope of winning the spectacular green apple card. Silly? Yes. Fun? Absolutely. However, what caught my interest was the giant poster the class created together to symbolize who we were as a community:


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